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‘Ello Everyone!

I have officially been in London for over a week now, and let me be the first to say it is absolutely spectacular!  The city is a beautiful mix of old and new architecture surrounded by lots of lush greenery.  I have been up to a lot this past week (thus the reason it has taken a week to post anything on here), so I will try to keep my commentary brief, and trust me, my pictures are plentiful! 🙂

First off, last weekend when we all first arrived, we took a bus tour (the hop on-hop off type) followed by a boat tour.  This was a great way to see the city because it gave you a sneak peak of what all we were going to see here in London. Basically we got to see most of the big tourist attractions with some other random facts thrown in, which was great after having stayed up all night the day before–I was able to listen and watch without having to also stand vertically!  The boat tour was especially great because the guide was young, and very witty…most of us were in stitches laughing so hard.  Anyway, most of the photos are pretty self explanatory, but I have been trying to give better descriptions in the photo title, so be sure to read the info above the pictures as you click through them.

P.S. this particular album has more photos than the rest of them, so you might want to save it until the end if you are running low on time.

Click below to see more pictures of my first days in London

Also while in the “intro” period of getting to London, we took a group tour around the “East End” where we are living.  The best part of this is that the 2012 Olympic arena is being built about 10 minutes from Queen Mary’s University (where I am living/studying) to help revamp the less wealthy end of London. I love the Olympics, so it was pretty amazing to see where people will be competing, as well as be able to recognize the locations when I see them on TV next year.

Click below for more pictures of the East End & the Olympic arena

Not only have the excursions as a whole group been great, the excursions with just my class have been awesome.  I am taking a communication class, of course, and honestly there are no better people than COMM majors to hang out with–unless of course you like to be able to get a word in edgewise, then you might not like us so much! haha.

One of the trips we took as a class was to see “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Globe Theater.  The Globe was the location of Shakespeare’s famous performances and the venue is still breathtaking.  What was really fantastic about this play (aside from the great acting and satirical commentary) was the fact that Joseph Marcell, who played Geoffrey (affectionately called “G”) on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, was one of the main characters!

Click below for more pictures of the Globe Theater

Thankfully, Professor Bowman decided that part of our class budget should include an afternoon of “High Tea.” This experience could have ended my trip right then and there. The food, the tea, and the service were all amazing, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my high tea experience (it was even in a really beautiful boutique hotel called the Capital).  We even told the waitstaff that it was one of our classmate’s birthdays, and we got a delicious chocolate and raspberry cake that could have put even the most experienced of chocoholics into a sugar-coma (warning: the pictures will have you drooling on your keyboard if you look too long!).

Click below for more pictures from High Tea at the Capital Hotel

Of course, a trip to London would not be complete without an experience like going to Wimbledon, especially since it only happens for a few weeks a year. So another day Dr. Bowman took us to Wimbledon where we all enjoyed Strawberries & Cream, a traditional treat to eat while watching the matches.  Unfortunately it was POURING rain while we were there, so it was a short lived trip, but the town of Wimbledon (which we walked through from the tube stop) was darling and just being able to have visited where so many famous tennis players have been over the years–not to mention the royal family–was a surreal kind of experience.

Click below for more pictures at Wimbledon

The last major trip I am covering with this blog post was our day trip to Oxford.  Talk about an amazing day.  It was a glorious day weather-wise, and the atmosphere of the town was divine.  Once again, like my experience of going to Brugge, I realized just how much I love being just outside of the busy city.  Oxford’s campus, despite being completely spread out, is beautifully maintained, and even has a museum on its property–there are quite a few pictures from inside the museum.  The wonderful little pub we all stopped at called the Turf Tavern was adorable (all 6 feet of it) and made us delicious drinks before heading out to explore the town further.  I definitely suggest that anyone who visits London should take the time to visit Oxford, it is only a 50 or so minute ride on a train, but it feels like the England you see in movies with adorable streets lined with historic homes and emerald-colored trees.

Click below for more pictures of Oxford

I hope everyone reading this is having a great summer, I know I am 🙂  Please check back soon, as I am going to try and do a brief update in a day or two with pictures of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and more!


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