Billy, Harry, and Hermione… oh my!

It feels like my life has been filled with plays and movie “stuff” galore these past few days. Yesterday, I went to the play Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theater and today I went to the Harry Potter premiere in Trafalagar Square and saw the actors of the series walk the red carpet!

I have never been a huge musical fan–the idea that people just break into song while walking down the street just seems a little far fetched for an otherwise realistic scene–but Billy Elliot was fabulous.  The emotion the actors conveyed was tangible from the audience perspective, and the singing skills that “Billy” had were absolutely fantastic.  There aren’t too many pictures, but please check them out below 🙂

Click below to see more pictures of our trip to see Billy Elliot

Today, along with about 1000 other people, I went to the Harry Potter premiere.  Although I didn’t get to see the witchy-actors up close, I was able to see them on the big projector screen.  Thankfully the zoom on my camera works wonders.  There was one actor I did get to see up close (about 30 feet away) and that was Darren Criss from Glee.  I have to admit being pushed by the crowds did get a bit old after an hour or so, but it was neat to see such a huge following for the final film (even though I’m not a religious Harry Potter watcher).

Click below to see more pictures of the Harry Potter 7 premiere


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