Au Revoir Paris

Well folks, the time has come.  I have left Paris to continue my journey this summer in London.

I can’t believe how incredibly fast the month went by. The amount of gratitude I have for being able to take this trip while still only 21 years old is simply incomprehensible.  Paris was an absolutely wonderful city, filled with many smells (both good and bad), fabulous food, beautiful sights, and I made some really incredible friends. I am one lucky girl.

Not surprisingly it was really hard to leave Paris. I became attached to the apartment we lived in, our neighborhood, and just having the feeling of living like a Parisian–no college campus feel, freedom to explore, and of course, taking the metro!

The last week of being in Paris literally flew by, and I don’t even know that I remember it all because the days began to blur together.  I do remember however, that I went to the Louvre museum (the famous one with the big glass Pyramid outside).  The artifacts, sculptures, paintings, etc… were all beautiful.  Of course, I saw work by Michelangelo, I saw the Mona Lisa, and the Egyptian exhibit was fascinating, full of sphnixes, hieroglyphics, and beautiful vases and jewelry.

The second major event that I have yet to blog about is my trip to Brugge, which in short, was one of my favorite days during my first month in Europe.  Despite rather crummy weather for most of the day there, spending time outside of the busy city of Paris was a great getaway.  We strolled along the canals that Brugge is famous for, took a boat tour, and enjoyed Belgian waffles and fries (not together of course).  This trip truly reaffirmed my desire to live just outside of a big city.  Brugge had great amenities like a big city, but still felt safe and comfortable. I know that is a brief description, but I will let the photos do the talking, so please check out the pictures from Brugge!

 Click below for more photos from Brugge, Belgium.

After returning to Paris from Brugge, I had a few more great experiences, one of which was visiting the Champs-Élysées. This is the large shopping street that leads to the Arc de Triomphe, another amazing architecturally beautiful monument by the French.

Click below for more photos from the Champs-Élysées

Another really amazing adventure I took in Paris was to visit the Père Lachaise cemetery. This is where Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and hundreds more famous people are burried.  Although it seems a bit morbid to think this was cool, the actual grounds were really neat to see in person, and the trees made for some great photos.

 Click below for more photos from Père Lachaise

I know this isn’t a very good blogging thing to do, but I didn’t have the patience to load all the photos from the remainder of my trip into separate pages and go through to select the best ones, so I selected some of my favorites and put them into one large gallery. I know, I know, I will probably go to Blogger Purgatory.

  Click below for more photos of my miscellaneous adventures in Paris

Anywhoo….. France is over, but I still have another 3 weeks in Europe, visiting London and potentially Dublin for a weekend.  I will try to blog about that more frequently, but I make no promises as I am already exhausted and I have only been in London for a day and ahalf.  Regardless, remember to keep checking in to see when I write new posts about my adventures here.


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I’ll be a horse if I can live here

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been a lacking in the blogging department lately, a small cold pretty much knocked me on my tush, and the slow internet does not work well with my impatient nature!  We are so lucky in the US to have such speedy internet, I will never complain about mine again (haha, yea right!). Buckle up, this is a long blog post–I suggest grabbing a cup of coffee or tea, and getting comfy before reading this.

Anyway, so here’s what I’ve been up to.  Since my last post, I have visited the Eiffel Tower, gone to my first french night club (which was on a boat!), and gone on two castle tours.  Additionally, I went to see a stand-up/improv performance by Olivier Giruad and experienced some pretty crazy weather.

The Eiffel Tower was last week with my three roommates, Alexandra, Colette, and Rachael–we had fun getting dressed up to take pictures in front it! I don’t think that “Le Tour Eiffel” needs much explaining, as it is such an iconic symbol, but let me tell you (if you don’t already know from personal experience) it is way bigger in person than I realized! I knew it would be pretty huge, but when you stand at the base and look up, you feel pretty tiny.  My roommates and I are going to try and take the tour that goes to the top, but apparently the lines and tickets are long and expensive–fingers crossed that we can do it!

Click below to see more Eiffel Tower pictures

A new experience while here in the lovely capital of France, was going out on the Bateau Concorde Atlantique, a night club in a boat docked in the Seine river. I really enjoyed being able to get out and dance the night away. Here is a picture of me, Alexandra (one of my roomies), Stephanie, and Lindsey.

On Saturday, most of the University of San Diego students took a trip to the castles in Chantilly and Pierrefonds. Despite the fact that I have seen castles elsewhere previously, I was still in awe.

In Chantilly, there are stables that make the White House look like it belongs in a trailer park.  Everyone kept commenting on the fact that the horses that live in the stables have a better life than most people–thus the name of this post’s title.  The horses trained there are some of the most elite horses in the country, still used for the hunting missions with hounds.  Fun little fact for everyone, Chantilly is actually the home of Chantilly Cream (a vanilla whipped cream)–which we were able to sample with our dessert at lunch… it was delicious! 🙂  Here are some pictures from Chantilly.

Click below to see more Chantilly photos

After a nap on the hour long bus ride, we arrived in Pierrefonds.  Despite the fact that it was somewhat far away from the main part of Paris, I would highly suggest visiting this quaint town to anyone who visits France in the future.  Unlike many of the Parisians I have encountered, the people of Pierrefonds were incredibly laid back and friendly–they even smile at you!

(Side note: I have a really hard time not smiling at people here because it is so engrained in me from growing up in the U.S.–my eyes are frequently focused on shoes so I don’t make eye contact and subsequently smile)

Sorry for the tangent…. anywhoo, Pierrefonds was simply amazing.  We had a delicious lunch and then strolled a bit around the town and even got to see the commotion created by a local wedding. The castle provided a nice respite from the extreme heat that had taken over.  Enjoy my pictures from Pierrefonds!

Click below to see more Pierrefonds photos

I promise this post is almost done….

Last night was the improv show by Olivier Giraud, and the show’s title is, “How to Become a Parisian in One Hour.”  I would highly suggest seeing this show if anyone reading this is coming to Paris.  A Parisian born comedian, Giraud lived for a time in the United States, and has put together a great show that pokes fun at Parisians as well as Americans and what happens when our cultures collide.  Unfortunately I have no photos to share with you, as cameras were not allowed in the theater, but my final experience to share with you has a video–even cooler, right?!

After returning home from the show, while I was working on homework with my roommates, we started to see some really amazing lightening. Then the rain started. And then the thunder started.  Let me tell you, it was quite the experience! I don’t think I have ever seen rain come down in such heavy sheets in my entire life.  The flat roofs of some neighboring buildings were flooded almost instantly, and a man driving a moped down the street quickly realized that battery powered vehicles that are exposed to rain stop working almost instantly. The thunder was extremely loud and at one point all four of us girls jumped into a huddle together.  Thankfully we did not lose power, or experience any real flooding (some rain came in thru the kitchen windows). Here is the video of the lightening before the rain and thunder started–it was crazier after this, but my camera died

Click the link to see the lightening show

Well everyone, I’m sure that blog post will hold you all over for a while (I know my fingers need a rest). I hope everyone following my blog is enjoying my posts and let me know if you have any recommendations of places to see/go/eat at or just give me some love in the comment section


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Bienvenue à Paris

Bonjour tout le monde! I am finally here!

Today is my third day in Paris, and I am completely in love.  The city is beautiful (obviously) and the weather has been pretty much perfect–right now it is about 70 degrees and stunningly sunny!

My trip to Paris went just fine, no cancelations, and only a few delays.  That 23 kilos or less requirement was hard to accomplish, but after moving some things around in my bag, I successfully checked it without paying an extra fee–thank goodness.

The apartment I am living in is quite quaint, despite the Pepto-colored walls in the bedrooms.  My three roommates, Alexandra, Rachael, and Colette are all here as well and we had a fun dinner last night at an Italian restaurant right here in the 13th arrondisement (district).  Here is the view out of my bedroom window… gorgeous, huh?

Yesterday was the first “real” day here and the company that hosts the study abroad (CEA) took everyone to lunch and then on a boat tour on the Seine River.  Lunch was fabulous–hopefully my photos show just how amazing it was!

After the excursion to Cafe Louis Philipe for lunch, we went on the boat tour and were able to see many of Paris’ unique historical landmarks. Unfortunately, yesterday’s weather was not as wonderful as today, so Alexandra, Rachael, and myself were huddled up like penguins, while trying to take photos.

The photos from the boat trip were not spectacular due to this weather issue, so I don’t have many pictures worth sharing (plus I will be going back to the locations on better days anyway). Of course I have to post at least a few though, so enjoy a look at Paris 🙂

Well blog-o-sphere, that is pretty much all I’ve done in the last three days along with getting to know how to ride the metro like a true Parisian.  I hope you are all enjoying a summer full of adventures as well, and I will try to update my blog soon.

Bisou Bisou,


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