Why yes, I am American…

Saturday was a touristy kind of day for my friend Rachael and I.  We decided to take a full day to visit some of the most popular locations in London and just be THOSE annoying people! (well maybe not THOSE people, but we definitely acting like tourists)

This is just a quickie post to show the pictures off because these locations: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and M&M’s World are all pretty self explanatory.

So first, we visited Buckingham Palace. As most people know this is the home to the Queen herself, and this is where the famous changing of the guards happens everyday.  There were probably 1 or 2 thousand people passing by/standing to watch the procession, which in all honesty was not nearly as exciting as one would hope for being so famous.  The guards were all nicely put together with their big hats and red coats, and walking in perfect formation, but when one expects “pomp and circumstance,” and only gets “pomp” it is a little bit of a let down. Anywhoo, Rachael and I had fun mocking some of the police officers who were directing people like it was a life or death situation.  Enjoy the pictures 🙂

After the palace, we ventured over to Westminster Abbey which is next to the Houses of Parliament building (where Big Ben is–check out pictures of those buildings here).  Unfortunately Westminster Abbey is somewhat expensive to go into (about $30 U.S. per person), so Rachael and I just enjoyed a cup of coffee while wandering around the outside of it.  The abbey was quite beautiful, and the grounds around it were also very pleasant–nicely manicured lawns, with many people picnicking.  Of course, as a “Friends” addict, I had to continue to use references from the episode based in London to add some excitement to my photos.  If you forgot my first instance of this, check out this picture.  While you’re scrolling through my Westminster pictures, you will see me attempting at another dorky reenactment–the video reference is below the picture, so be sure to check the link out.

Our final destination of the day was to visit M&M’s World.  You may not be familiar with this attraction, as there are only four in the world: Orlando, Vegas, New York, and LONDON! Essentially this building was four levels of everything M&M’s—memorabilia, statues, and of course real M&M’s nicely laid out in color coordinated tubes around the walls. I don’t know that there is any more description needed, but definitely check out those photos too because who wouldn’t want to see life sized versions of M&M’s dressed up in appropriately London attire!

To see all these pictures, check out my “Tourist Day” photo page, which has pictures from all three of these locations combined into one album.




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