23 Kilos or Less

Tomorrow is the big day–my journey to Paris and London will begin! I’m pretty much packed and getting more and more excited by the hour.  I am a little nervous about the 23 kilo (50 pound) weight limit for checked baggage, as my suitcase is pretty huge and extremely full (as you can see). It may not seem that large, but this is a 29″ Samsonite suitcase (from Costco, of all places!).

**sorry about the terrible quality, my bberry doesn’t quite get it done 😦

I’m not typically one to sleep on planes–I have a rule about not sleeping in public places that I can’t seem to bypass even on the longest of flights! So of course, I feel the need to occupy my time the ENTIRE flight.  Here is my reading collection that will be entertaining me for as long as humanly possible.

We’ve got:

Wall Street Journal magazine

Costal Living magazine

Forbes magazine

People magazine (with the announcement of Kim Kardashian’s engagement–so tempting to read it before I leave!)

Bill Bryson‘s book: Notes from a Small Island–this is my reading requirement for the London portion of my trip

Lauren Weisberger‘s book, Chasing Harry Winston (I’ve been reading it for a while, but hopefully some uninterrupted plane time will allow me to finally finish it!)

Any other reading sugggestions? I could always use more!

Obviously, my ipod will be accompanying me the whole flight as well (who doesn’t take their ipod on flights these days?), and when I finally can’t stand any of those activites anymore, I will whip out my computer to watch a movie.  My computer comes last because the battery life will not last me very long, and I hate using the most boredom-reducing piece of technology first!  Does this sound crazy? Does anyone else out there do the same thing? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Well everyone, I will try to blog about my flight and first few days in Paris next week sometime, but keep checking out this blog, as well as my regular blog over at http://meganeilers.wordpress.com/ .   Hope everyone reading this is well and embarking on your own journeys wherever they may take you.

Time to check in for my flight 🙂



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A Big Pile of ….

Laundry! (what did you think I was going to say? haha) Well actually there is not one big pile, but 5! Today I’m starting the packing process for my trip–only 8 more days!!! (I’m giddy with excitement)

I’m not  sure on my exact game plan for packing yet, but I have created an excel spreadsheet that I feel will make my life easier! This is what it looks like (yes, I’m a bit neurotic):

I’m going to wait until later this week to actually pack, but I’m sure there will be piles of things all around my apartment until the last zip of my luggage–no worries, I’m sure there will be pictures of me being a crazed packer–that’s fun for everyone!

Is there anything missing on my list that you would suggest? (I accidentally forgot to write down my camera and it’s cord, but other than that give me any suggestions you have).

Also, if you are sitting on your computer (at work or home), bored and looking for something good to read you can check out my regular blog at the link below–I’ve posted a few things lately 🙂


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Cappuccinos & Metros

Hi there friends, family, and other random blog surfers!

As you can tell I’ve decided to start blogging again.  I decided that since I don’t have the funding to call all of you while I’m abroad, blogging to share my experiences with you is probably the next best thing! 🙂  As most of you probably know, I am headed to both Paris and London this summer for a study abroad trip.  I am so excited to travel to new cities, and take in the wonders that I know they have to offer.  So, the countdown begins: there are 24 days until I board a plane (or three) to Paris–exciting stuff!!

Hope everyone is well, and make sure to leave me suggestions of destinations to see or activities I simply cannot miss.


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